Google My Business.

Your company's Google My Business (GMB) Listing, when optimized correctly, can be a powerful marketing tool for your business.

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We implement expert methodologies to research all keywords & local repositories. For this, first we set the suitable business objectives by collaborating with client. After defining the objectives, we explore the opportunities in the search engines and propose a value strategy.

Strategic Objectives aligned with client

This strategy will define the structure, keywords & information represented through Google My Business and it must represent the semantic ideas in an organized way which users can search us on the Internet, but above all, align themselves to the objectives of client.

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“We bacame number one in Michigan real estate listings!”

Launch, optimize, optimize, optimize

Once the Google My Business Profile is full optimized & we optimize to obtain better results and make the changes based on analysis.

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“597 Degrees brought us 7x ROI”

Let's focus on Data.

Later we analyze the performance and identify new opportunities. New strategies & more to achieve the set objectives.

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“We were able to hit our yearly target in... 8 months”

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