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Do you want to get more local customers to visit or call your business? With 47% of Google searches demanding local information, it is very difficult to ignore using local SEO services to earn more valuable clients for your business.
Local search engine optimization is the approach of raising Google rankings. This is done by implementing a series of tactics in hopes of higher search rankings when a customer does a “near me” search. Businesses rely on local SEO services to get more customers for their business without having to pay for expensive advertising.
Google controls a majority of the traffic online and it is the #1 website on Alexa. In fact, if Google de-indexed Amazon from their search engine, Amazon would lose 34% of their traffic. Imagine a huge brand like that losing 30% of their traffic! Google controls traffic.

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Our team understands the ins and outs of optimizing a business for local search engines without charging the astronomical rates of a larger agency.
We accomplish this by focusing time and effort on ranking factors that matter for the individual business. Striving for things like getting more quality reviews, achieving notable business mentions, and creating powerful content for local search visibility, the 597 Degrees Agency tackles your search campaign with pure experience.
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