Pay Per Click advertising represents a good way to get your website into the market quickly.

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Pay-per-Click Campaigns

Online advertising can be a great bet – but it’s also a complex minefield.

We’ll show you the way through. Sponsored search marketing takes the form of what are sometimes called ‘pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns’.

Google and many other services such as Facebook allow registered users to set up advertisements linked to certain search terms: when potential customers type those phrases into a search box, your ad will appear.

PPC Services & Sponsored Search Marketing

Pay Per Click advertising represents a good way to get your website into the market quickly: unlike other online marketing options, sponsored search doesn’t require your website to be optimised, or your marketing team to be tweeting. It simply requires cleverly chosen key phrases and well-written ads – and that’s where we come in.

You can set a monthly spend ceiling, and only pay each time a user clinks on your ad – and we can help make sure they do. Our London-based digital marketing team have provided Pay Per Click Services to clients across the UK and US, so we have the experience to help ensure your sponsored search marketing is a success.

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