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We take an innovative approach to make your store fast, secure, and reliable every step of the way.

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We believe in best practice coding, which means that we make sure that everything we build takes extensibility in mind. We want to make sure that your store stays functional and beautiful, no matter what future growth it goes through!

Let's plan your project

Firstly we start working on a brief, research the industry and your competitors and come up with solutions according to the brief. Then we work together on building ecommerce sitemaps based on customer journeys and funnels, and discuss the functionality of the site.

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“An agency that focuses on objectives & strategies”

Let's develop your project

Within the build phase, we develop the tailored platform and prepare the tailored solution for the live stage. Additionaly adding functionality and data collection solutions*.

*Based on Contract and Project

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“We were able to hit our yearly target in... 8 months”

Let's make it live!.

As soon as the project is tested on various devices and browsers, additional site checks are made & client has received their training, we are ready to launch it.

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“3 years of continues growth & working together - they even gave us marketing training!”
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Shopify Development

Your Shopify store can be very powerful marketing & sales tool.


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